Heating & Plumbing

Heating & Plumbing

Air Cool Engineering not only design, build and cost the VAC side of HVAC, we have in-house resources to estimate Design & Build LTHW heating, Gas fired Appliances and Public Health services.

We have an In-house Qualified Gas Engineer to design your downstream gas distribution services ensuring we follow GSI&U Regulations 1998 and Gas Management Regulations.

So whether you require a powrematic style heater for a large warehouse or simply a cascade of boilers for an office refurbishment, Air Cool Engineering have the resources to carry out the task.

To ensure that your domestic hot water requirements are achieved we look at all options available from under sink water heaters to gas fired water generators. We design to CIBSE guide Lines however, taking into account your needs and requirements.

Should your building be in a rural environment or simply off the Main gas distribution line, Air Cool Engineering have the capability to look at other fuel sources such as LPG, Oil or biomass (Woodchip type burner, (Note:-Fuel source and moisture within the wood has a great effect on calorific value)).

Water Commissioning on both heating and domestic water supplies is a requisite following our installations. We have procured a supply chain of specialists to help ensure that we handover a system that complies with all regulations including that of L8.

Air Cool Engineering will ensure that when we tender for your project, our supply chain have the same ethos and vision to deliver a project on time and within budget.