Ventilation & Fresh Air

Ventilation & Fresh Air

Air Cool Engineering offers ventilation packages to suit many different types of building. Our systems provide high quality indoor air that is temperature and humidity controlled, replenishes oxygen while also removing moisture, odours, smoke, dust, carbon dioxide and bacteria.


Air Cool Engineering offers a full design and installation to meet your needs, whether you require:

  • a refurbishment to a kitchenette
  • individual offices using inline fresh air
  • heat recovery or an extract system
  • installation within the ceiling voids
  • a central air handling plant



Our systems are designed to give a comfortable and pleasant working environment for the end user.

We use the latest technology with heat recovery wheels, plate heat exchangers, by-pass sections for free cooling along with the traditional LPHW and chilled water coil sections. As well as offering an efficient direct expansion heat pump system, heating and cooling can be generated using the same air handling unit coil.

Central plants can be designed with their own controls so that they are stand alone or can be linked into the BMS.

Turnkey Packages are installed with spiral, rectangular, oval flexible ductwork to transport the treated air into the space via diffusers such as: slot diffusers, swirl diffusers, louvre face diffusers etc.

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